MUBI Podcast: In "Aftersun," Charlotte Wells Lets Queen and Bowie Tell the Story

We speak with the acclaimed director about the power of needle drops in her celebrated debut feature.

Aftersun is showing in select cinemas in the UK, Germany, Mexico, and many other countries. It will stream exclusively on MUBI starting January 6, 2023, in the UK, Latin America, India, and other countries, and will come to MUBI in Germany, Spain, and more countries later this year as well.

Charlotte Wells's wildly acclaimed feature-length debut Aftersun follows a father and daughter on a vacation where much is implied but little is said ... unless you listen closely to the soundtrack.

In this special bonus episode, Wells tells host Rico Gagliano about the '80s and '90s-era needle drops that pepper the film, from Bran Van 3000 to the accidental discovery of a Queen track that suddenly spoke volumes. They also dive into the movie’s subtle performances and try to unpack why this intimate, bittersweet story is pulling in audiences from Gen Z-ers to Barack Obama.

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