MUBI Podcast: “Passages”—Ira Sachs's "Endless Circle of Desire"

Host Rico Gagliano in conversation with writer-director Ira Sachs on his honest and brutally funny take on messy modern relationships.
MUBI Podcast

Passages opens in theaters on August 4 in New York and Los Angeles and arrives in cities nationwide throughout August. Coming soon to theaters in more countries as well, including Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, LATAM, and more. For tickets & showtimes, click here.

"Let's just say I wanted to make a liberated film. I felt I allowed to say 'fuck it?' Like, 'fuck it.'" So says legendary indie filmmaker Ira Sachs about Passages, his seriously sexy Sundance hit about an insatiable artist in a messy modern love triangle.

In this special episode, Sachs tells host Rico Gagliano how his all-star cast (Ben Whishaw, Franz Rogowski, and Adèle Exarchopoulos) liberated their characters, and why he and Hollywood are on the outs.

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