MUBI Podcast: Sebastián Silva on “Rotting in the Sun”—“Everyone and Everything *Will* Get Trashed”

Host Rico Gagliano talks with director Sebastián Silva about his absurd and sexy meta-comedy.
MUBI Podcast

Rotting in the Sun is showing in select US theaters now and releases exclusively on MUBI (almost) globally starting September 15th.

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Sundance favorite Sebastián Silva tells host Rico Gagliano about his self-described "misanthropic comedy" Rotting in the Sun—the satirical story of a happy hedonist and a not-so-happy filmmaker who end up in the middle of a Hitchcockian mystery.

Silva dishes on how he teamed up with superstar Instagrammer Jordan Firstman, the importance of self-mockery, and the film's already-infamous sex sequences featuring "all the dicks."

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