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If you're reading this, you'll have noticed already. Look up at your address bar. See? - MUBI. It's our new name. Start clicking around and you'll notice, too, that nothing you loved — hell, even nothing you didn't love — about The Auteurs has been lost. Same hand-selected collection of films, same friends, all the ongoing discussions, the articles, reviews, news roundups — any of the old URLs will redirect you without a hitch.

It's a shocker, yes, but as we, the MUBI team, can attest, "It's a grower," too. Read more here. Before you update your bookmarks, though, you might feel the need to take a moment to mourn the old handle. Just a moment, though. There's a big film festival on, so let's get on with it. With MUBI.

Why MUBI, you may be wondering. Anne Thompson has the full story behind the name, a contest going on in Cannes, great news about Agnès Varda's work on view right here — and as she notes, there'll be more news to break soon, too. CEO Efe Cakarel has more on all this right here.

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