The Noteworthy: Aurora, Man(oel) of Steel, Daney's Legacy

This week: Responses to the tragedy in Aurora, Jerry Lewis & the stage, the invincible Manoel de Oliveira, Sachs on Garrel + more.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • The Aurora tragedy, in which a man took the lives of 14 people, and injured many others, in a horrific shooting at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, has devastated everyone. David Hudson rounds up some of the responses critics have offered in the wake of this unthinkable event.
  • After a brief scare and a stay at the hospital, 103 year-old Manoel de Oliveira, the true "Man of Steel", has been discharged and is reportedly recovering from a respiratory infection. Oliveira is quoted as saying he's "anxious to get back to work" and that there's "too much to do".


  •  In Moving Image Source, Jordan Mintzer writes on "the legacy and continuing relevance of the French critic Serge Daney":

    "...It’s safe to say that Daney remains the critical voice to reckon with in France—a voice so expansive and unbeatable that several young critics at the Cinémathèque conference mentioned how daunting it was to write après Daney—the same cannot be said for the English-speaking world, where thus far only one of his books has been published (Grant’s excellent Persévérance translation), along with a few articles that have popped up in film magazines (Film Comment and Sight & Sound) or on websites."

  • In the Chicago Reader, Ben Sachs expounds on his growing admiration for the cinema of Philippe Garrel:

    "[Garrel]'s is a forbidding sort of mastery, in which everything within the shot—lighting, shadow, sound, actors' faces—carries some deliberate, personal meaning. Even the spontaneous behavior seems part of a precise plan. Yet his films can be hypnotic once you get on their wavelength: Garrel's distinctive, drawn-out pacing and his level fascination with both minute and large-scale detail can dissolve whatever's happening around you and distend your sense of time."

 From the archives.

  • Taking a cue from a suggested link in Ben Sach's piece on Philippe Garrel, here's a piece by Maximillian Le Cain from Senses of Cinema in which he labels Garrel the "world’s greatest working filmmaker".

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