The Video Essay: "Godfrey Reggio and TikTok"

FILMADRID and MUBI's annual collaboration returns, premiering seven new works of video criticism.

The Video Essay is a joint project of MUBI and FILMADRID International Film Festival. Film analysis and criticism found a completely new and innovative path with the arrival of the video essay. The limits of this discipline are constantly expanding; new essayists are finding innovative ways to study the history of cinema working within images. With this non-competitive section of the festival, both MUBI and FILMADRID will offer the video essay format the platform and visibility it deserves. The seven selected works will premiere online from June 5 through June 11, 2023, on MUBI's online publication Notebook. The selection was made by the Notebook editors and FILMADRID.

Godfrey Reggio and TikTok by Eva Elcano

Movement, correct speed, language, words, music, image, shape, resolution. An audiovisual composition built through the collaborative filmography of Godfrey Reggio, looking for a new encounter—a very human encounter.

Again, we fearlessly look into the face of technology and the enigma that characterizes it. Maintaining the visual and sound essence of Reggio, a face-to-face communication is generated. A third face, used to exhibiting itself, is added. Thus, the third part of an unstoppable journey, which speaks to “Correct Machine” and “Generated Spaces,” is born, and it tells us something else.—Eva Elcano

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