Weekly Rushes: 11 November 2015

2 essential online releases, "The Hateful Eight" full trailer, Akerman x 2, Léaud as Louix XIV, Buñuel trailer, Paul Clipson's music video.

Rushes collects news, articles, images, videos and more for a weekly roundup of essential items from the world of film.

  • The biggest news of the week for us is the online release of new films by two Notebook contributors: Gina Telaroli's Here's to the Future! and Kurt Walker's Hit 2 Pass, two fundamentally undefinable and wildly adventurous movies made and released independently. (The two filmmakers discussed their independence in a conversation published on the Notebook.) Both films will be be available to stream through November 22, 2015, and all proceeds they make on the release will go towards their future film projects.

  • The full trailer for Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight has been released, above, and it looks like the man generally derided (unfairly, we must add) as a kind of adolescent film nerd has made a film that looks akin to Alain Resnais' late films—and we couldn't be happier.
  • There's a new issue of Film Comment out, and some of it has been generously been made available online: Nick Pinkerton's report from the Locarno Film Festival and Olaf Möller's report from Venice, and Argentine filmmaker Matías Piñeiro on Japanese actress Setsuko Hara in Akira Kurosawa's early film, No Regrets for Our Youth:
"There is, too, a certain degree of madness in these gestures. Hara embodies both transformation and excess to such an effective degree that by the final sequence in Yukie’s arduous journey, we hardly recognize the image we have of Hara from her other films."

  • Above: Filmmaker and Notebook contributor Paul Clipson's Lighthouse, a gorgeous music video (if such a label is fair) for Fennesz / King Midas Sound.
  • There's a new issue in the works for the excellent new film journal Fireflies, which focuses on two filmmakers per release. Issue #3 is dedicated to Jia Zhangke and Claire Denis, and the editors are taking submissions.

  • At the online journal Transit, Cristina Álvarez López & Adrian Martin explore tiny but expressive moments in Chantal Akerman's cinema.

  • Speaking of Akerman, if you are anywhere near London, the Ambika P3 gallery in the University of Westminster is hosting "the first large scale exhibition in the English-speaking world of Chantal Akerman's installation work," and including her 2015 piece for the Venice Biennale, NOW. We've been there, and it's essential.
  • We're huge Brian De Palma fans and while it isn't much to go on, any news of a new production of his after the brilliant Passion is tantalizing, thus we're quite excited about the vague-sounding thriller Lights Out that's just been announced.

  • Above: Oh yes! Jean-Pierre Léaud in costume and on set as King Louis XIV in Albert Serra's new film, La mort de Louis XIV. Via Carlota Moseguí.

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