Weekly Rushes: 28 October 2015

Mauren O'Hara, 1920 - 2015, a short film by Dustin Guy Defa, Darth Lenin, a trailer for David O. Russell's new film, and more.

Rushes collects news, articles, images, videos and more for a weekly roundup of essential items from the world of film.

  • "...you will be a queen wherevever you walk": an immortal description of Maureen O'Hara from John Ford's How Green Was My Valley. O'Hara passed away over the weekend and Keyframe has gathered tributes.

  • Above: Review, a new short film by one of America's best up-and-coming independent directors, Dustin Guy Defa.
  • According to The Onion, the MPAA has finally added a new rating to its troublesome and controversial system, this one perhaps the most usable of all: to warn audience of films not based on existing works.
"The word cinematic gets thrown around a lot in relation to ambitious TV. You hear that a particular show is very cinematic, or that a certain scene was cinematic, or that the direction was cinematic. But what does that word mean, really?"

  • Above: the full trailer for American Hustle director David O. Russell's newest collaboration with Jennifer Lawrence, Joy.

  • Above: Courtesy of the New York Times, a statue of Lenin in Ukraine has been transformed into Darth Vader. Says its artist, “I wanted to make a symbol of American pop culture which appears to be more durable than the Soviet ideal.”

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