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  1. Luke Smithers's rating of the film 45 Years

    A superbly executed portrait of love ruptured by a past thought to have been long buried and forgotten. The inimitable and ever-graceful Charlotte Rampling is wonder to watch (That attic scene!). A story built out of nuances and psyche but one that left me wanting bolder moves.

  2. 丹尼斯's rating of the film 45 Years

  3. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film 45 Years

  4. The Macho King's rating of the film 45 Years

    A very subtle film. Outstanding & understated performance from Charlotte Rampling.

  5. knockkneed's rating of the film 45 Years

    The caliber of this filmmaking is startling. I know no other young writer-directors who so elegantly navigate this classical approach.

  6. Nutter Jr's rating of the film 45 Years

    Subtle, understated but ultimately devastating, this is a quietly explosive film; a visceral study of the complexity of relationships and the fragility of love.

  7. Dan's rating of the film 45 Years

    "Oh my god. Can you imagine the moment you realize your entire life is over?" - My wife's two sentence review is better than anything I can come up with. Oh, and Rampling needs to be granted National Trust status.

  8. AliceR's rating of the film 45 Years

  9. Amanda A.Costa's rating of the film 45 Years

    I got such an empathy for her character, really I could only imagine how would be feel so meaningless for the person you love, specially if you' ve spent 45 years together. And in only one week this 45 years were destroyed by something that happened a long time ago. Yeah it s on the past, but still it haunts you like a ghost. Rampling is superb, cant figure out why this woman lost her oscar to " just OK " Brie Larson

  10. Erik F.'s rating of the film 45 Years

    How many marriages are built upon the thinnest of social veneers, with little more than bland compromises and silent regrets stretched out over decades to compensate for whatever long-extinguished flame may have once burned? Yet people often find some way to carry on, despite the smoke in their eyes...

  11. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film 45 Years

  12. DenoResandono's rating of the film 45 Years

    Maybe my expectation was too high before watching this movie. I'm not - amazed when I was watching this movie. It was like - I've ever watched this kind of movie before. But 45 YEARS still keep me intriguing and wanted to watch it until the end. 45 YEARS keeps asking us a question: After all these years, is your husband/wife really, really love you? Maybe that question keep flying in Kate's mind. Good job, Mr. Haigh!

  13. Rafael Zen's rating of the film 45 Years

    The Past and the Furious. I really enjoy this beautiful portrait of time passing and love (re)making - it's simple and quite enough. Haigh takes us inside these lives and we care about them, like family. The attic scene, oh my - the attic scene. Touching performances for a trully touching film.

  14. rdesnos's rating of the film 45 Years

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  15. Thomas Dods's rating of the film 45 Years

    The relationship is so intimate that the drama is absolutely devastating, the fallout from a simple reminder of the past deafening in its awkward silence. This is a highly intelligent and subtle depiction of a relationship acted with a masterclass level of ability. Charlotte Rampling's eyes in that final shot are heartbroken and drenched with despair. Truly exceptional.

  16. muh.'s rating of the film 45 Years

  17. Richmond Hill's rating of the film 45 Years

    Perhaps life as it is: mundanity undercut with suspicion, regret, compromise and grudging accommodation. Finely performed and quietly observed, this is a lovely miniature of a film that has the confidence not to underline or trumpet every nuance or emotion.

  18. sicagabri's rating of the film 45 Years

    45 years of marriage being destroyed in just one week. 4,5

  19. Arandhitio Ballagi's rating of the film 45 Years

  20. Ethan's rating of the film 45 Years

    This is a very intimate and honest portrayal of a couple who are not without their problems but try to make the most of each other even if it is painful to do so. The acting is superb here and Andrew Haigh continues to prove that he can perfectly craft films about complex relationships and have the emotions drip off the screen in every frame.

  21. igorpontes12's rating of the film 45 Years

    Não é difícil sentir empatia por 45 years, é estranho não sentir. Como um relacionamento pode ser, cheio de altos e baixos, na semana de aniversário de casamento um homem vive num delicado momento, a lembrança de sua primeira namorada, no meio disso sofre sua atual esposa, quarenta e cinco anos ao seu lado, a lembrança desse fantasma é tão dolorosa que se torna real.

  22. Federico D'Accinni's rating of the film 45 Years

    A 45-year long relationship suddenly risks to collapse as an old memory comes to life again; a simple plot, but a gradually evolving one. Haigh's directorial eye focuses on the intimate and hidden truths between husband and wife with a very visual approach; do they truly love each other, or are they just performing their feelings? Charlotte Rampling is utterly stunning. A special mention also goes to DoP Lol Crawley.

  23. Janis's rating of the film 45 Years

    Thank you for depressing me (:

  24. Patrick John's rating of the film 45 Years

    watched on the 1st of january. Charlotte Rampling is queen. Andrew Haigh has this thing with time.

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