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Ratings & Reviews

  1. José Neves's rating of the film Informe general

    An exemplary political film: living from inside the wills and resistances of a particular historical context, flying with the camera the modes and instances of its speeches and actions, articulating oppositions with/and confrontations. In an unique articulated text, which is the body of the film itself. See how in the beginning the approach to Franco's tomb resembles a horror movie and the street protests a thriller.

  2. Laura Suffield's rating of the film Informe general

    Outstanding. Austere, elegant and beautifully structured documentary which seems strangely prescient in its choice of themes and issues. One is left feeling that many hopes were unrealised, many inspirations unfulflled and that the truly constituent democracy so often referred to in the film remains to be achieved.

  3. Casanorte's rating of the film Informe general

    Un gran archivo histórico que también puede resultar muy pesado, sobre todo por su duración. Recomendable solo para alguien que esté particularmente interesado en conocer más sobre el contexto sociopolítico de los primeros años de la "transición" democrática de España.

  4. Sin título.'s rating of the film Informe general

    Una narración lúgubre y siniestra que toma las sobras del régimen de aquel que durante muchos años respondió por España ante Dios y el Tiempo a la vez que nos transporta por el hecho incómodo que atormenta a todos los hijos del régimen, nadie puede negar y evitar repetir las enseñanzas del mundo que lo vio crecer.

  5. F.Bieberkopf's rating of the film Informe general

    Underwhelmed, quite surprisingly since I otherwise like Portabella. This was just agonizingly long, even for something as important as transition from a dictatorship to democracy. I will settle anyday for a more eventful Marker ('Grin without a cat'- like). The film betrayed any sense of progression, struck in a moment with a historic preoccupation that fails to engage beyond scenes of protests and demonstrations.