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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Bluebalu's rating of the film Leonids Story

    wow, impressing and made in my hometown (well, almost...)

  2. filmbot's rating of the film Leonids Story

    Great short! The animation is simply breathtaking and narratively, it manages to keep iteresting all the way through.

  3. Rainer Ludwigs's rating of the film Leonids Story

    Thanks for your comments! It was the tragedy of the dramatic family story what was the main issue. And - in a way the triumph of life over the catastrophe. And for me it was a view behind the scenes of the desaster when Leonid and Ljudmilla told me their story and I wanted to share it. I, personally had no idea before, how it has been to be part of that desaster...

  4. ConallVision's rating of the film Leonids Story

    At the risk of being insensitive, I don't really see the point of the film. I think most people know what happened after the Chernobyl disaster. Did this film add anything to that?? Certainly not to any significant degree for me personally.