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311 Ratings

Mass for Shut-Ins

Directed by Winston DeGiobbi
Canada, 2017


Twentysomething Kay Jay sleeps on his grandfather Loppers’ couch. Bored, Kay Jay plays with fire, aimlessly wanders through the night, encounters strangers and gets hassled by September, his aggro delinquent brother.

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Mass for Shut-Ins Directed by Winston DeGiobbi

Critics reviews

DeGiobbi’s artisanal and anarchic debut feature is one of the most distinct visions to emerge in a larger movement of recent Canadian independent cinema.
August 27, 2018
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What are people saying?

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Mass for Shut-Ins

    "Mass for Shut-Ins" e o poveste despre o viața și o solitudine devastatoare care nu merg spre nicăieri. Un sîrșit neașteptat fără sîrșit ne lasă într-o sălbăticie interminabilă și frigidă cu surprize. Și nu putem fi altfel decît dezorientate de deznădeje abisală a viații în fața unui ecran. // 今作は何処へも行き着くことなき荒廃した人生と孤独についての物語だ。終わりも糞もない突発的に過ぎる終末は、私たちを寒々しい荒野へと捨て置くような驚きに満ちている。そして私たちはただスクリーンの前で、この生の救い難さに対して途方に暮れるしかないのだ。

  • askapsaskis's rating of the film Mass for Shut-Ins

    Did I forsake the world, or did the world forsake me? Was I fated to be a marginal figure? Where does our anxiety at passing days come from? Do we approach our lives with a sense of urgency? Why or why not? Is the point to pass the time, or do we reach towards something? Can the fantasy of the nurse in the building mean something to us, or is it mere vapid waste, a pale silhouette so far removed from the tangible...

  • Korial's rating of the film Mass for Shut-Ins

    It feels like slowly slipping into an hallucination. The colours, the soundtrack, the montage, the lack of movement or the repetition of meaningless actions and words, all contribute to this feeling. A contemplative work reflecting upon human misery and psychological degeneration, extreme loneliness and isolation. If you empathise, at least a bit, with the story, this movie will 'wound' you.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Mass for Shut-Ins

    2.5 Great job with maintaining the oppressive, claustrophobic tone. The look of terror and worry on the lead's face perfectly encapsulates a life of quiet desperation. Heartbreaking. The static long shot of the parking lot outside the recycling place with the brother, his friend, and their car is a perfect look for the film. Perhaps more shots like that could elevate the visuals.

  • Rachele Vanucci's rating of the film Mass for Shut-Ins

    the strenght of this movie is the dense and heavy atmosphere of a life without joy that does repeat itself over and over and over without escape. if you don't know how dissociation feels like, this movie is the answer.

  • David R Williams's rating of the film Mass for Shut-Ins

    It’s as if you gave a camera to someone with little knowledge of what a movie even is and no knowledge of how to make one and somehow, through some bizarre alchemy of savant knowing and sheer blind luck, they made a film. A film that speaks to issues of poverty, isolation, and despair, with a growing awareness of terrible things that have happened and may still be happening, and the promise of violence to come.

  • schindler_uk's rating of the film Mass for Shut-Ins

    Where does one begin? I have been waiting for such a film like this all my life. Characters who are the real deal in life who simply do nothing but exist. What a fine talent all round from cast and crew. My only beef is that it was 2 hours too short. Obscure, saddening and certainly top notch performances. Please watch if you can.

  • RyantBaker's rating of the film Mass for Shut-Ins

    As someone who lived in Nova Scotia for a number of years, I can say that this is a great depiction. From the accents, dialect / slang being totally infallible to the brutally honest depiction of the ongoing fragile and hard-to-breathe economic state of maritime Canada. Viewers have to be patient with the slow pace of this movie - the beautiful cinematography should help with that.