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  1. Photo of Amit Dutta

    Amit Dutta Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Nitin Goel

    Nitin Goel Cast

  3. Photo of K. Rajesh

    K. Rajesh Cast

  4. Photo of Sriniwas Joshi

    Sriniwas Joshi Cast

  5. Photo of Pushpendra Singh

    Pushpendra Singh Cast

  6. Photo of Mrinal Desai

    Mrinal Desai Cinematography

  7. Photo of Yamini Joshi

    Yamini Joshi Cast

  8. Photo of Sat Salarwi

    Sat Salarwi Cast

  9. Photo of Mohan Singh

    Mohan Singh Cast

  10. Photo of Anil Raina

    Anil Raina Cast

  11. Photo of Gautam Vyathit

    Gautam Vyathit Cast

  12. Photo of Ankit Raina

    Ankit Raina Cast

  13. Photo of Brahmaswaroop Mishra

    Brahmaswaroop Mishra Cast

  14. Photo of Shubham Vardhan

    Shubham Vardhan Cast

  15. Photo of Dhananjai Singh

    Dhananjai Singh Cast

  16. Photo of Samarth Dixit

    Samarth Dixit Cast and Editing

  17. Photo of Amit Singh

    Amit Singh Cast

  18. Photo of Ajit Singh Rathore

    Ajit Singh Rathore Cast

  19. Photo of Vishnu Tailor

    Vishnu Tailor Cast

  20. Photo of Alpana Vajpayee

    Alpana Vajpayee Cast

  21. Photo of Sristhi Gupta

    Sristhi Gupta Cast

  22. Photo of Ganesh Gaikwad

    Ganesh Gaikwad Cast

  23. Photo of Padam

    Padam Cast

  24. Photo of Satinder Singh Bedi

    Satinder Singh Bedi Cast

  25. Photo of Shringeri Sharma

    Shringeri Sharma Cast

  26. Photo of Eberhard Fischer

    Eberhard Fischer Screenplay, Editing, Producer Production Design

  27. Photo of Ayswarya Sankaranarayanan

    Ayswarya Sankaranarayanan Screenplay

  28. Photo of Manish Soni

    Manish Soni Production Design and Cast

  29. Photo of Ajit Singh Rathor

    Ajit Singh Rathor Sound