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  1. yuriwalker's rating of the film Re-Animator

    hardy har-har!,this shit is scary,well,it's not scary at al,it just fun

  2. nothere's rating of the film Re-Animator

    I always feel underwhelmed when I watch this movie. It has inspired moments of loony gore and what not but I just feel it never really takes off. Its far from a bad movie I just prefer From Beyond's shriek eye-ball sucking to this.

  3. _Lilith_'s rating of the film Re-Animator

    I watched this due to the brief reference in American Beauty. If only American Beauty had been more like Re-Animator.

  4. Gerald's rating of the film Re-Animator

    Everything that's awesome rolled up into one movie.

  5. Shelley's rating of the film Re-Animator

    you can't really top naked and headless zombies. and that's just that.

  6. gloryofistanbul's rating of the film Re-Animator

    Crazy,gory horrific fun, a gem of a 80s movie

  7. Yass's rating of the film Re-Animator

    That's what I call a brilliant adaptation of a myth. Take Frankenstein rewritten by Lovecraft and then adapted to the 1980's and you get some good gore/zombie-ish flick. With not so good actors, and make-up/special effects looking old now, it could deserve only 3/5 but this is a major movie !

  8. Funny How?'s rating of the film Re-Animator

    The effects where good for the budget, Jeffery Combs wasn't as good as I expected, the script felt rushed, Megan was the most developed character and she got reduced to an object in a super gross scene. I liked the first 2 minutes before the credits better than the rest of the movie. Maybe I'll enjoy "Bride" more, Screaming Mad George's effects are sure to be impressive.

  9. lukasbicho's rating of the film Re-Animator

    Muy divertida, muy insana, una pequeña joya de los tiempos de mi juventud, cuando este tipo de cintas de culto eran lo más, justo lo que necesitábamos para ser felices...

  10. cutey-cat's rating of the film Re-Animator

    one day i prayed to jesus that i would get to see a severed head attempt cunnilingus on a woman who posed for playboy and the next day i saw "re-animator" before jesus turned it into a fish which i then ate.

  11. Nosada's rating of the film Re-Animator

    Upper-echelon 80's horror.

  12. S Campbell's rating of the film Re-Animator

    Ace 80s horror film with more ideas than more well known horror films. Gordon pulls out all the stops and gives us one of the best Horror comedies around

  13. Marq's rating of the film Re-Animator

    Few directors can claim such a perfect film as their debut. Stuart Gordon has made many solid genre films since Re-Animator (Dolls, Castle Freak and Stuck being my personal favourites) but none surpass that perfect blend of of humour and gore attained here. In a decade filled with horror classics, Re-Animator stands as one of the greats.

  14. Johnny DuBiel's rating of the film Re-Animator

    Pure pulpy fun! Numerous, "Did I just see what I saw," moments that are able to shock and delight audiences even by today's jaded standards. This is thoroughly enjoyable and wildly entertaining - which is something that modern horror, with its sole intent to either disgust or brutalize audiences, has forgotten is essential.

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