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  1. Epinephrin's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Krasser Film, richtig abgefahren. Highspeed parody, satire, unglaublich und traurig gleichzeitig. Der Film wurde in 1992 gedreht, aber so aktuelle Themen wie noch nie, ich war mir sicher,der Film wurde dieses oder letztes Jahr gedreht.

  2. DrFirestone's rating of the film Terror 2000

    It's pure madness, chaos, and unnecessary violence... I guess that probably was the aim here, to some extent at least... I appreciate the guts to face the difficult matter of the German past and conscience. The humour is hit and miss (mostly miss I'd say), but there are a couple of genuinely hilarious scenes. The film is probably worth watching for its unique handling of the modern German history.

  3. lou.'s rating of the film Terror 2000

    It didn't capture my attention. I was distracted all the time. The must be some reason... I guess.

  4. Juurakkotukka's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Has anyone else noticed that there are quite many films shown in the Mubi containing play rapes and/or ultra-violence against female characters/actors? 0/5. Very very very upsetting in a very wrong way.

  5. Jesús's rating of the film Terror 2000

    La distopía reluce en esta comedia violenta, repulsiva y disparatada. Da miedo pensar en la verdad que encarna. Buena película.

  6. mmassias's rating of the film Terror 2000

  7. Pierre.F's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Un bon film qui fait droit à travers une comédie bouffonne et horrible à une critique sociale aigue sur l'Allemagne juste après la réunification - en faisant écho aux tragiques évènement de Gladberg de 1988 et en anticipant les défilés nazis de Rostock de 1992. C'est donc toute la société qui est pris pour cible. Si le film a un côté volontairement bouffon, force est de constater que ça fonctionne.

  8. Z-666's rating of the film Terror 2000

  9. LibertyCapz's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Felt like I was watching something from Bad Taste-era Peter Jackson, if he had been on some serious amphetamines that is. Absolutely batshit insane. Complete and utter tasteless garbage. Loved it. One star.

  10. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Terror 2000

  11. Incubare-Sucubare's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Entendí algo? De verdad no se... Un guión muy flojo, pero lo loca y bizarra que es la película no te dejan despegar ni un momento, puro humor negro al 100%... Destacaría la música y la actuación de Udo Kier, ahhhh y las escenas con sangre geniales.... No la recomendaría a cualquiera pero es una buena película de terror-humor.

  12. fgonzalezse's rating of the film Terror 2000

  13. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Un producto muy serie B pero adobado con las características del cine de "terror" en el que actuó Udo Kier: Sangre para Drácula y Carne para Frankestein. De veras es una crítica a una Alemania que rechazaba a los inmigrantes turcos y griegos que ayudaron a la reconstrucción después de la II Guerra. La presencia de Margit Carstensen es un gancho para ver qué paso con los actores de Fassbinder después de su muerte.

  14. Pegarange's rating of the film Terror 2000

    8/10. An absurdist parody of exploitation cinema, a grotesque satire on xenophobia, conservatism and the culture of hatred. A wonderfully sick story of Pole-hunters... and many more!

  15. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Terror 2000

    As the bleakest, darkest, evilest and most disturbing horrific comedies go than this one clearly is among the top. I'm not even certain if John Waters could have managed to throw up some of these disgusting and sick pervoes and sadistic fucks as what we get here. Even more shocking is that there are some clearly good actors here (Kier/ Carstensen) that go even further in insanity than even Klaus Kinski ever did.

  16. Olivier's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Servi par des acteurs étonnants et des scènes très marquantes, le grotesque permanent n'en devient pas moins très souvent lasssant.

  17. Lucas Dias's rating of the film Terror 2000

    It was an amazing experience, we have to see these movies in hard times like ours. The inspirantion in Brecht is such a divine thing and full of meanings.

  18. guillermo's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Raw nightmare on the German identity. Since this is a compound, the question might be how much from the Deutsche Seele came here, and how much belongs to Schlingensief? Blurred line between compounds. Maybe the important point is the lack of elaboration, the repetition. Nicht durcharbeiten, nur wiederholen. That is the definition of Trauma according to Freud.

  19. marjoleintien's rating of the film Terror 2000

    offensive, violent, clumsy, weird, grim, genuinly funny and absolutely nuts. Loved it.

  20. Korial's rating of the film Terror 2000

    "Where does it come from all this hatred?" Left unanswered throughout the movie, this question is one of the few grounded and tangible elements of this frenetic and surreal parody of German society. I now have a terrible headache. I am sure this is an intentional effect: possibly it is the reproduction of the director's frustration to provide such answer through his work?

  21. riraru's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Peter Kern ist ein geiler Derwisch!

  22. lesminho's rating of the film Terror 2000

  23. FISCHER's rating of the film Terror 2000

    Dernière partie d'une trilogie déjantée et farfelue qui derrière ses monstrueuses énormités et ses grotesques démesures, égratigne sans cesse, vigoureusement et avec constance, les concitoyens teutons et leurs sournoises convictions...

  24. Frode Kinserdal's rating of the film Terror 2000

    This is among the more absurd movies I have seen. The film makers must have used a ton of ketchup.

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