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Notes et avis

  1. DrFirestone's rating of the film En Creusant

    Intriguing, mysterious, and beautifully surreal. The experience reminds me of a confusing, uneasy dream, where we're looking for something, not knowing what it is or ,perhaps, was... It deals with identity, memory, history - both on personal and collective level. I wished it was more consistent visually - some parts are digital 4:3, some analogue, then suddenly it's 16:9 - this takes some if its dreamy charm away.

  2. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film En Creusant

    Well this was different. Part poetic, part autobiographical movie drenched in mythology and mystique. The first half is gripping and while I felt it loses it's way a little sometimes it still remain a fascinating watch. It could probaly also have been clearer on it's message as it can almost feel a little dim, but overall this is a great movie that deserves to be seen as it mixes real life with fantasy marvelously.

  3. dionysus67's rating of the film En Creusant

    Hypnotic meditation on memory, identity-personal and collective-history, death and immortality. With a narrative structure remarkably coherent and with surprising editing jolts this journey into the Anadolu region is replete with Greek mythology, mainly Asklepios and Chiron, the supreme Centaur played superbly by Lavant. The shots of the Euphrates are magical as well as the life-giving images of the flooded Allianoi.

  4. Frode Kinserdal's rating of the film En Creusant

    Interessant film, veldig poetisk. Varierer mellom å være enkel å forstå og litt vanskeligere. Kunne gjerne sett den en gang til for å få litt mer forståelse.

  5. Juan's rating of the film En Creusant

    Un ejercicio aparentemente surrealista y sin mucho interés.

  6. Dissipatio's rating of the film En Creusant

    "I was prey to continuous misery" Art as a way to heal oneself. Sometimes obscure, convoluted, and inconclusive; it cannot be otherwise, though. A 'private', intimate movie.

  7. Juan's rating of the film En Creusant

    Muy visual e interesante. Aunque simplifica a Anatolia, región de fuerte influjo semita, con el fin de presentar una visión neopagana y pesimista de la vida.

  8. Larissa Rod's rating of the film En Creusant

    Hermoso film. Ideal para disfrutar de un viaje a otros destinos que resultan ser el nuestro. Fantasía y realidad se funden, documental y ficción. Presente y pasado. Muy completo y placentero.

  9. LibertyCapz's rating of the film En Creusant

    Definitely a uniquely structured and almost dreamlike film. For some reason though I found myself incapable of getting in to it. Unfortunate.

  10. Martha Helga's rating of the film En Creusant

    It is interesting how she accepts the difficulty of confronting the past and the way she mixes the mythology with her own life and expiriece it makes it magical and evocative at the same time.