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Juan Cabral Introduces His Film "Two/One"

"Two atoms chasing each other to the point of exhaustion. Incapable. Surreal. Potentially funny."
Juan Cabral's Two/One is exclusively showing on MUBI in most countries starting October 10, 2020.
While this might look like an introduction, it’s actually the last appendix of a film. A gallant farewell. When I think about Two/One, I think about a scene in an airport—and this is not a spoiler, more of a "hand-holder"—which represents some sort of impossible waltz between two people. Two atoms chasing each other to the point of exhaustion. Incapable. Surreal. Potentially funny. We have the tendency to behave like a block of ice that melted long ago, but that keeps trying to find itself. There’s hope and poetry in that effort. 
The film is constantly trying to decode something it can’t grasp. Detached. Poignant. As if it was scanning warmth. As unlikely as it may sound, I always thought the ultimate viewing place would be a plane. And the closest I might get to introduce it properly would be: Someone looks up at the sky in the middle of nowhere. A few stars begin to blossom. A mad constellation. Well… this film would be the reverse angle. The Universe looking back. It doesn’t judge. It doesn’t feel. But it’s certainly fascinated by the view.
Click here to view the English-language script for the film; and here for the Chinese-language version.
Two One


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