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The Noteworthy: London Film Fest Awards, “Kanye Wes”, The Day of Reckoning Approaches

Awards in London, debuts in Rome, a stunning action trailer, some Tumblr fun and stimulating pieces from Phil Coldiron and Tom Sutpen + more

Edited by Adam Cook


  • The Rome Film Festival has unveiled some additions to their lineup, including new films from Paul Verhoeven (his mid-length feature Tricked, which we've previously shared the trailer for) and Peter Greenaway.
  • Via The Guardian: It's hard to go very long without hearing word of new projects from Werner Herzog, and his list of forthcoming films has grown yet again with the announcement of his adaptation of DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little:

"Herzog will return to Texas: it's about a teenager who heads to Mexico after becoming a scapegoat for a high-school killing in a small Texan town. The novel was given the Man Booker prize in 2003 and Whitbread first novel award (now Costa) in 2003.

There is no word on any casting, but the script will be written by Andrew Birkin, who is best known for writing and directing an adaptation of Ian McEwan's The Cement Garden in 1993."

  • Franck Barcellini, the composer of Jacques Tati's Mon oncle, has passed away at the age of 92.


  • In Moving Image Source, Phil Coldiron writes on the films of Raya Martin and poses a bold question: "How can cinema be dying, or dead, when one of the great directors in the world hasn't even hit 30 yet?
  • Above: from the Tumblr "Kanye Wes", in which Kanye West lyrics and images from Wes Anderson films, are finally, rightly, united.

"Captivating while remaining unvarying in tone and pace, acted with seamless naturalism and attention to detail, elegantly photographed (by Billy Williams), edited (by Richard Marden) and designed (by Luciana Arrighi, who seems to have been unable to place a single object in a room that doesn’t feel true to the film’s characters), Sunday Bloody Sunday seems to me flawless."

  • Check out our Notebook regular Fernando F. Croce on The 10th MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation in Film Comment:

"Diversity is something many a film festival promises, but few can match the wide-ranging selection of titles showcased at MoMA’s annual “To Save and Project” series. In its 10th anniversary edition, the Museum of Modern Art’s mix of restoration premieres, discoveries, and revivals, which this year features J. Hoberman as guest curator, remains a haven for the omnivorous cinephile."

  • On the occasion of the Stanley Kubrick retrospective that opens at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on October 27th, Tom Cruise and Terry Semel, the former head of Warner Bros., reminisce about the legendary auteur.

 From the archives.

  • ...Speaking of Kubrick, here's a tremendous photo from the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey:
It always amused me how that one actor in “2001..” (standing next to Kubrick in the picture above) looked kind of like David Lynch.
Between the Kanye Wes Tumblr and the YouTube page with Out 1, you’ve made my day. Thank you!
Cinephile Goldmine indeed! Mubi, the gift that keeps on giving.
@Charles – And he sounds a lot like William Shatner. Always amuses me to think of Kirk giving the speech on Clavius.

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