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Ways to End a Movie #2

The hero attempts to shoot out the sun in Fritz Lang’s The Tiger of Eschnapur.

The hero and heroine collapse together, holding hands in the desert—but not before the hero attempts to shoot out the sun. From Fritz Lang's The Tiger of Eschnapur (West Germany, 1959); featuring Paul Hubschmid and Debra Paget; cinematography by Richard Angst. Part of our series Ways to End a Movie.

Looks great!
Which… then becomes the opening to BREATHLESS. Could JLG have even seen it?
Loving this series, more please.
ok this is quite the spoiler ¬¬
Well, the title certainly implies that, so you were warned!
Looking forward to the next “Ways to end a movie”! That’s a pretty epic way to kill the hero. And they’re holding hands aw you don’t see that much anymore, it’s considered too cheesy whatever.

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