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Nicolas Winding Refn’s Favorite Films

The director of the electric and divisive “The Neon Demon” talks to us about the films he curated for MUBI and more of his favorites.
To celebrate the release of the electric and divisive The Neon Demon we've handed over the reins of MUBI in the United Kingdom to the man of the moment, Nicolas Winding Refn. He's picked an eclectic mix of seven films, a weird and wonderful curation where, in his words, "there's something for the midnight section, something for the early morning intellectual and something for the midday relaxing." We sat down with the Danish director to discuss some of his choices and his favorite movies.
Yes! PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES!!! Greatest movie ever! But not on 4K! No! For the love of God! Only on 35! Please! Someone! Strike a new print! I beg of you!
NWR is a prime example of why most directors should have their films seen and not their voices heard. What a pretentious twat.
Awww, why the hate? Most genuine artists harbor some pretentious notions at heart -- even the ones who put on a humble, "aw shucks, it's just a movie" face... it's just easier to like those who do; as you can tell, Refn doesn't seem to care much whether you like or hate him and that at least marks him as genuine.

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