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Copenhagen International Film Festival

  1. Nessuno lo sa

    Nessuno lo sa

  2. La foresta dei pugnali volanti

    La foresta dei pugnali volanti

  3. Whisky


  4. Maria Full of Grace

    Maria Full of Grace

  5. Love in Thoughts
    Best Actress

    Love in Thoughts

  6. Aaltra


  7. 10 on Ten

    10 on Ten

  8. Così fan tutti

    Così fan tutti

  9. Salvador Allende

    Salvador Allende

  10. The Recruiter
    Best Female Director

    The Recruiter

  11. King's Game
    Audience Award

    King's Game

  12. Campfire


  13. Oldboy


  14. Il ritorno

    Il ritorno

  15. Kontroll
  16. Take My Eyes
    Best Actor

    Take My Eyes

  17. Granny
  18. Silent Waters

    Silent Waters

  19. Goddess of Mercy

    Goddess of Mercy

  20. Dieci