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A Counter World: Dominik Graf and "The Red Shadow"

The great genre filmmaker discusses his controversial policier that asks dark questions about the Baader-Meinhof group's infamous suicides.

Movie Poster of the Week: Al Pacino in Posters

To coincide with a major retrospective, our movie poster columnist selects his favorite Al Pacino posters.

Chicano Resilience on Film

A series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music focuses on the Chicano community's rising socio-political awareness in films from the 1970s-90.

The Forgotten: A Glass Eye for Hitler

Elsa Lanchester as an indestructible cleaning woman travels to Berlin to kill Hitler in an insane WWII propaganda flick..

Rushes. New Fassbinder, "Stalin" Banned, De Havilland Sues

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Review: "Annihilation" Alliteration

What makes Alex Garland's film exhilarating as sci-fi is that it's about the differences between the sciences of biology and psychology.

Berlinale 2018. The Cine-Seance

Linking James Benning's first film with a classic of Soviet cinema: a treatise in defense of critical absentmindedness.

The Human Monsters of Guillermo Del Toro

Exploring the "Shape of Water" Oscar winner's cinematic morality plays.

Foreplays #10: João César Monteiro's "Passeio com Johnny Guitar"

Unfolding a vast cinephiliac constellation around "Johnny Guitar", this short manages to travel a great distance in only 3 1/2 minutes.

Personal Camp: Close-Up on John Waters' "Serial Mom"

The surprisingly prescient 1994 cult classic is unexpectedly one of John Waters' most personal and autobiographical films.

Jorge Thielen Armand Introduces His Film "La Soledad"

"I returned to Venezuela in search of a memory, of a time that is forever gone but that refuses to be forgotten."

"The X-Files," Season 11, Episode 8 Recap: There Is No Getting Out Of This Town

What happens when the thing we know becomes the very instrument of our destruction, swallowing us and our spirit whole?