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Doclisboa International Film Festival

  1. Rat Film

    Rat Film

  2. Black Sun
    Menzione speciale: City of Lisbon Award

    Black Sun

  3. Correspondences
    Best Documentary (José Saramago Award)


  4. Where I Grow Old
    Kino Sound Studio Award (Jury Prize)

    Where I Grow Old

  5. Ama-san
    Best Portuguese Competition Film (Íngreme/Doclisboa Award)


  6. The Lives of Thérèse

    The Lives of Thérèse

  7. Simão


  8. Sinless Mary

    Sinless Mary

  9. In the Steps of Trisha Brown

    In the Steps of Trisha Brown

  10. Paradox


  11. Atlante 1783

    Atlante 1783

  12. Calabria
    Best International Competition Feature-Length Film (City of Lisbon Award)


  13. 300 Miles
    Best First Feature Film Comprising Competitions and New Visions (FCSH Award)

    300 Miles

  14. The Amazed Spectator
    Best Portuguese Competition Film (Schools Award ETIC)

    The Amazed Spectator

  15. Fragment 53

    Fragment 53

  16. Confession of the Vanished

    Confession of the Vanished

  17. Azayz
    International Jury award