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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Giorno di festa

    Giorno di festa

  2. White Shanks
    Best Combination of Editing and Cinematography (Special Prize)

    White Shanks

  3. Love 47
    Best Actress

    Love 47

  4. Le secret de Mayerling

    Le secret de Mayerling

  5. L'escadron blanc

    L'escadron blanc

  6. Duell mit dem Tod

    Duell mit dem Tod

  7. Black Shadows

  8. Le sorcier du ciel

    Le sorcier du ciel

  9. Mission in Tangier

    Mission in Tangier

  10. The Farm of Seven Sins
    Grand Prix

    The Farm of Seven Sins

  11. Silent Dust

    Silent Dust

  12. The Mill on the Po

    The Mill on the Po

  13. The Big Cat

    The Big Cat

  14. Adam and Evelyne
    Most Entertaining Film (Special Prize)

    Adam and Evelyne

  15. Ladri di Biciclette
    Special Prize of the Jury

    Ladri di Biciclette

  16. Sorry, Wrong Number

    Sorry, Wrong Number

  17. Yellow Sky
    Best Director

    Yellow Sky

  18. Egli camminava nella notte
    Best Police Film (Special Prize)

    Egli camminava nella notte

  19. Cry of the City

    Cry of the City

  20. Città nella nebbia

    Città nella nebbia

  21. Quartet


  22. That Lady in Ermine

    That Lady in Ermine

  23. The Time with You

    The Time with You

  24. Secrets of a Soul

    Secrets of a Soul

  25. Bill and Coo

    Bill and Coo

  26. Enchantment
    Best Realisation (Special Prize)


  27. The Girl from the Marsh Croft