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San Francisco International Film Festival

  1. Son frère

    Son frère

  2. The Man of the Year

    The Man of the Year

  3. Lost Boys of Sudan
  4. Unit #52

    Unit #52

  5. Papa Blue

    Papa Blue

  6. Investigation of a Flame
    Golden Gate Award

    Investigation of a Flame

  7. The Death of Klinghoffer

    The Death of Klinghoffer

  8. Out of The Ether

    Out of The Ether

  9. The Olive Harvest

    The Olive Harvest

  10. Cleopatra


  11. L'appartamento spagnolo

    L'appartamento spagnolo

  12. Blissfully Yours

    Blissfully Yours

  13. La ragazza delle balene
  14. Friday Night

    Friday Night

  15. Madame Satã

    Madame Satã

  16. The Weather Underground
    Golden Gate Award (Documentary Feature)

    The Weather Underground

  17. Swing


  18. Sex Is Comedy

    Sex Is Comedy

  19. Kannathil Muthamittal

    Kannathil Muthamittal

  20. Respiro


  21. Bungalow


  22. The Cuckoo
  23. The Eye

    The Eye

  24. Marathon


  25. Self Portrait Post Mortem

    Self Portrait Post Mortem

  26. Stones
    Menzione d'onore: SKYY Prize


  27. The Good Old Naughty Days

    The Good Old Naughty Days

  28. Almost Peaceful

    Almost Peaceful

  29. Northern Ice, Golden Sun

    Northern Ice, Golden Sun

  30. Girlie


  31. Mboutoukou


  32. Monday Morning

    Monday Morning

  33. Nothing More

    Nothing More

  34. Coreopsis


  35. Goodbye South, Goodbye

    Goodbye South, Goodbye

  36. Sailing