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Foto di Herbert J. Biberman
Foto di Herbert J. Biberman

Herbert J. Biberman

[Jon C. Hopwood on Herbert J. Biberman]: Biberman was arraigned before HUAC in 1947, where he was one of 19 unfriendly witnesses who refused to answer the Committee's inquiry into their political affiliations. The 19 eventually became the Hollywood Ten, as others of the 19 dropped away, including such luminaries as Bertolt Brecht, who left the U.S. for East Germany.

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    Thom Andersen, Noël Burch Stati Uniti, 1996

    Thom Andersen (Los Angeles Plays Itself) alongside Noël Burch turn their exacting gaze onto the turbulent period of McCarthyism and its crusade against some of Hollywood’s finest artisans. An essential reckoning with American motion picture history and cinema’s capacity as a political art.

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