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Foto di Jim Henson
Foto di Jim Henson

Jim Henson

“The Muppets transcend all age groups. Their satiric comment on society seems to delight all ages.”

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    Jim Henson Stati Uniti, 1965

    Putting the Muppets to one side, Jim Henson set out to make his big screen mark with this energetic, 9-minute wonder. A surrealist stream-of-consciousness bolstered by cutout animation and a percussive score, Time Piece proved an arthouse hit, earning an Oscar® nomination for Best Live Action Short!

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    Jim Henson Stati Uniti, 1961

    Once again turning to the percussive rhythms of jazz drummer Chico Hamilton—who would go on to score Roman Polanski’s Repulsion—this animated experiment in cut paper mounts a series of psychedelic explosions. As a bonus, the last minute sees a young Henson at work, crafting the film in his studio.


    Jim Henson Stati Uniti, 1961

    Recycling the Chico Hamilton track he’d used the previous year for Cat and Mouse, Jim Henson serves up an explosion of color for this stream-of-animated-consciousness. Henson’s love of jazz drumming would culminate with the beloved Muppet Animal, but it all started way back here.


    Jim Henson Stati Uniti, 1960

    It may be just over a minute long, but this early, expressionist short from Jim Henson is brimming with percussive imagination. Set to a track composed by jazz drummer Chico Hamilton, with whom Henson would later collaborate, Cat and Mouse is a hand-drawn, syncopated wonder.

    RUN, RUN

    Jim Henson Stati Uniti, 1965

    It’s testament to Jim Henson’s restless creative energy that even a trip to the woods with his wife, kids, and collaborator Frank Oz would bear artistic fruits with this lovely short. Featuring a score by Sesame Street composer Joe Raposo, Run, Run is a kinetic, autumnal ode to childhood play.


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