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Foolish Wives

Diretto da Erich von Stroheim
Stati Uniti, 1922
Drammatico, Sentimentale, Muto


“Count” Karamzin, a Don Juan, lives off the money he scams from rich ladies who are attracted by his charms and his title. Having set up shop in Monte Carlo, he and his partners in crime pick their next target: the wife of an American envoy.

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Foolish Wives Diretto da Erich von Stroheim


What survives is still so formidable on its own terms that it leaves no doubt about Stroheim’s brilliance as a director and actor; no other work offers as much evidence of his talent in both capacities. Half a century later, the multiple ambiguities concerning Stroheim’s own legend and public persona serve to enhance the plot of Foolish Wives on so many different levels that it remains as difficult now as it was then to isolate the film from its maker.
November 01, 1976
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