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Cannibal love - Mangiata viva

Trouble Every Day

Diretto da Claire Denis
Francia, Germania, 2001
Horror, Drammatico, Thriller
  • Francese
  • Inglese


Shane e June Brown sono in luna di miele a Parigi, ma il vero obiettivo dell’uomo è visitare una clinica medica in cui un ricercatore bandito dalla comunità scientifica svolge esperimenti all’avanguardia sulla libido umana.

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From one of the luminaries of the contemporary arthouse, Claire Denis, whose elliptical, hypnotic films are a rich and unique sensory experience. This, Denis’ own version of a vampire tale, may be her darkest vision, unforgettably scored by the Tindersticks and starring Vincent Gallo.

Cannibal love - Mangiata viva Diretto da Claire Denis
The violence is shockingly graphic, yet the narrative is characteristically vague. Is it an AIDS allegory? A Cronenbergian fable about how little we understand our own bodies? Or just a reflection of whatever nightmares Denis was having at the time? As usual for the director, Denis makes you feel vivid sensations before you understand what the film means. The associative editing, the moody cityscapes, and the evocative Tindersticks score combine to create a memorable sensory assault.
April 21, 2017
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Denis boils the psyche down to an enigmatic stew via slow-spilling quiet orchestras of seductive moving images, often with minimal dialogue. We are left to patiently ingest a ripe reduction of what you will surely recognize as human: sexual frustration, guilt, loneliness, lust, primal yearning… This is not a psychological thriller, nor a horror film. This is radical entrancing poetic intoxication.
January 13, 2016
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Claire Denis’s icy style, which favors sensualism and intimacy, is a perfect match for the horror genre… film is tragic, dark and haunting, the brutality of the violence resonating because Denis so poetically emphasizes the beauty and delicacy of life elsewhere.
October 29, 2015
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