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The MUBI Top 1000

The greatest films ever made, as voted by MUBI’s global community of film lovers.

[Updated weekly: Last on Monday March 19 2018]

New Entries:
• Three Times [Zui hao de shi guang]: #1000

This Week’s Biggest Risers:
• The Phantom of Liberty [Le fantôme de la liberté]: Up 86 places to #382
• Good Morning [Ohayô]: Up 85 places to #388
• Meshes of the Afternoon: Up 36 places to #87
• Miller’s Crossing: Up 110 places to #427

Gone from the Top 1000:
• Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog [Selbstkritik eines bürgerlichen Hundes]

The MUBI Top 1000