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Movie Poster of the Week: The American Posters of Chang Cheh

How “The Godfather of Hong Kong cinema” was marketed in the West.

Review: Grieving the Loss of Childhood—Carla Simón's "Summer 1993"

A captivating film debut from Catalonia offers an intimate look at grief and the memories of childhood summers.

Hidden in Reality: Ryusuke Hamaguchi and "Asako I & II"

A long conversation with the Japanese director at the Cannes Film Festival about his haunting, romantic follow-up to "Happy Hour".

Rushes. Palmes d'Or, Cannes Trailers, Detective Orson Welles

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Chang Cheh: Death and Glory

Chang Chen was the defining director of his era, establishing many conventions of the wuxia and kungfu genres, and launching many careers.

Close-Up on Pere Portabella's "Nocturno 29"

Whether seen in 1968 or in 2018, Pere Portabella's first feature teams with images of Spanish class consciousness.

Between the Waves: An Interview with Helena Wittmann

The director discusses the unique shape of her film "DRIFT," intimacy between women, and its porous boundaries between inside and out.

William Fox and His Friends, Part 2

More masterworks from MoMA's "William Fox Presents" retrospective of silent and pre-Code Hollywood cinema. Dwan, Borzage, Walsh and others.

Moments in Love: A Conversation with Luise Donschen

In this interview, German director Luise Donschen discusses her debut feature, "Casanova Gene" (2018).

Close-Up on Angela Schanelec's "The Dreamed Path"

Why does an image arouse emotion? In Schanelec’s cinema the flow of emotions is unleashed by a radicalization of the sensitive experience.

Cannes 2018. Top 10 & Coverage Roundup

A listing of our coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, Directors' Fortnight, and Critics' Week, including interviews and favorite films.

What If?: Ulrich Köhler Discusses "In My Room"

An interview with the Berlin School director about his first feature in seven years, a clever new version of the last-man-on-Earth scenario.