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Istanbul Film Festival

  1. 10 to 11
    Special Prize of the Jury (National Competition)

    10 to 11

  2. Polytechnique


  3. Wrong Rosary
  4. Mammoth


  5. Welcome


  6. The Yes Men Fix the World

    The Yes Men Fix the World

  7. A Woman's Way

    A Woman's Way

  8. In the Electric Mist

    In the Electric Mist

  9. Journey to the Moon

    Journey to the Moon

  10. Ali’s Eight Days
    Best Music

    Ali’s Eight Days

  11. Men on the Bridge
    Golden Tulip (National Competition)

    Men on the Bridge

  12. Distance


  13. In Berlin

    In Berlin

  14. Black Dogs Barking

    Black Dogs Barking

  15. Let the Right One In

    Let the Right One In

  16. The Beaches of Agnès

    The Beaches of Agnès

  17. Tokyo Sonata

    Tokyo Sonata

  18. Still Walking

    Still Walking

  19. Three Monkeys

    Three Monkeys

  20. 35 Shots of Rum

    35 Shots of Rum

  21. Departures


  22. My Only Sunshine
    FIPRESCI Prize (National Competition)

    My Only Sunshine

  23. Un conte de Noël

    Un conte de Noël

  24. Tony Manero
    Best Film

    Tony Manero

  25. The Headless Woman

    The Headless Woman

  26. Goodbye Solo

    Goodbye Solo

  27. Liverpool


  28. Of Time and the City

    Of Time and the City

  29. Tulpan


  30. Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe

  31. Milk
  32. Treeless Mountain

    Treeless Mountain

  33. Achilles and the Tortoise

    Achilles and the Tortoise

  34. Pandora's Box
    Best Actress (National Competition)

    Pandora's Box

  35. Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly

    Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly

  36. Johnny Mad Dog

    Johnny Mad Dog