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Movie Poster of the Week: Rated X at the Quad

A selection of the outré posters for a new retrospective of films officially deemed not suitable for children.

The Pleasure Principle of Visconti’s "Death In Venice"

A new 4K restoration of Luchino Visconti's adaptation of Thomas Mann's novel showcases the film's tactile visual language of desire.

Favorite Moments from the Films of Jacques Tourneur

A guide through evocative scenes, ideas, dialogs, and camerawork from the poet of Hollywood B-movies.

Studio Hack to Inimitable Auteur: The Strange Path of Parajanov's Early Films

A Berlin retrospective reveals the rare, uneven early films by the great Armenian-Georgian director of "The Color of Pomegranates".

Berlinale 2019. Lineup

The latest works by Angela Schanelec, François Ozon, and Denis Côté will compete at this year's Berlinale.

Ossang Doubloons the Corridas of Losers

If you imagine Derek Jarman vitamixed with Dziga Vertov and Fritz Lang then you get warmer to the cold-splintered fusion of F.J. Ossang.

A Touch of Jia Zhangke

A documentary about the Chinese filmmaker sees him return to locations of his early films as he braces to shoot "A Touch of Sin".

Rushes. "Clueless" Goes Musical, The World's Biggest Outdoor Studio, Lists!

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Emotional Geography: Julio Medem’s "Lovers of the Arctic Circle" and "Room in Rome"

The celebrated Basque director transforms chance encounters into human connections freed from time in two complicated love stories.

Video Essay. "The Apartment"

Exploring what a location—the apartment from Billy Wilder’s 1960 classic—evokes when it is scrubbed of the characters of the movie.

The Cinematographer Is In: Jordan Mintzer's "Conversations with Darius Khondji"

A lavish new book explores the career of a master cinematographer.

What’s Good: 2018 Media City Film Festival

Exciting new avant-garde films presented at the Windsor, Ontario festival highlight its radical agenda: showing what's good.