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Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival

  1. Control


  2. I'm Not There

    I'm Not There

  3. Atonement


  4. Silent Light
  5. Lust, Caution

    Lust, Caution

  6. The Mourning Forest

    The Mourning Forest

  7. Breath


  8. The Last Mistress

    The Last Mistress

  9. Estômago: A Gastronomic Story

    Estômago: A Gastronomic Story

  10. My Brother Is an Only Child

    My Brother Is an Only Child

  11. Savage Grace

    Savage Grace

  12. Drifter


  13. A Girl Cut in Two

    A Girl Cut in Two

  14. Alice's House
    Best Actress (Première Brazil)

    Alice's House

  15. The Walker

    The Walker

  16. Mutum
    Best Film (Première Brazil)


  17. El otro

    El otro

  18. A Jihad for Love

    A Jihad for Love

  19. Déficit


  20. The Milky Way

    The Milky Way

  21. Strange Culture

    Strange Culture

  22. From Now On
  23. Married Life

    Married Life

  24. Syndromes and a Century

    Syndromes and a Century

  25. Shortbus


  26. I Don't Want to Sleep Alone

    I Don't Want to Sleep Alone

  27. Dans Paris

    Dans Paris

  28. Fay Grim

    Fay Grim

  29. Lady Chatterley

    Lady Chatterley

  30. Kurt Cobain About a Son

    Kurt Cobain About a Son

  31. Requiem from Java

    Requiem from Java

  32. Journey to Armenia

    Journey to Armenia

  33. We Are Together (Thina Simunye)

    We Are Together (Thina Simunye)

  34. Bashing