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International Film Festival Rotterdam

  1. Pity


  2. The Image You Missed

    The Image You Missed

  3. Djon África

    Djon África

  4. The Endless Film

    The Endless Film

  5. The Remembered Film

    The Remembered Film

  6. Les Unwanted de Europa

    Les Unwanted de Europa

  7. Sol alegria

    Sol alegria

  8. Butterflies


  9. The Guilty
  10. August at Akiko's

    August at Akiko's

  11. The Widowed Witch
    Tiger Award

    The Widowed Witch

  12. The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

    The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

  13. Nervous Translation
    NETPAC Award

    Nervous Translation

  14. Nina
    VPRO Big Screen Award


  15. Permanent Green Light

    Permanent Green Light

  16. My Own Private Hell

    My Own Private Hell

  17. Loveling


  18. Flame


  19. The Cleaners

    The Cleaners

  20. Jonaki


  21. An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

    An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

  22. Star Ferry

    Star Ferry

  23. Resurrection


  24. The Return
    Speciale Vermelding: Bright Future

    The Return

  25. Amateurs


  26. Milford Graves Full Mantis

    Milford Graves Full Mantis

  27. The Heart

    The Heart

  28. Four Parts of a Folding Screen

    Four Parts of a Folding Screen

  29. Time Share

    Time Share

  30. Piercing


  31. Insect


  32. We


  33. Tree Identification for Beginners

    Tree Identification for Beginners

  34. The Tower

    The Tower

  35. Street 66

    Street 66

  36. Ordinary Time

    Ordinary Time

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