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San Sebastián International Film Festival

  1. Alice's House
  2. A Stray Girlfriend
    Films in Progress Award

    A Stray Girlfriend

  3. Volver
    FIPRESCI Film of the Year


  4. Little Miss Sunshine
    Audience Award

    Little Miss Sunshine

  5. Babel


  6. Paris, je t'aime

    Paris, je t'aime

  7. Cashback
    C.I.C.A.E. Award (New Directors)


  8. The Boss of It All

    The Boss of It All

  9. Bamako


  10. Glue


  11. The Art of Crying
    Youth Jury Award

    The Art of Crying

  12. Half Moon
  13. Delirious
  14. The Old Garden

    The Old Garden

  15. Forever


  16. Chronicle of an Escape

    Chronicle of an Escape

  17. Children


  18. Hana


  19. Vitus


  20. Shut Up & Sing

    Shut Up & Sing

  21. The Border Post

    The Border Post

  22. Sounds of Sand
    Speciale Vermelding: C.I.C.A.E. Award

    Sounds of Sand

  23. Emma's Bliss

    Emma's Bliss

  24. The Backwoods

    The Backwoods

  25. Copying Beethoven
    CEC Award for Best Film

    Copying Beethoven

  26. El custodio
  27. Ghosts
    Solidarity Award


  28. The Road to San Diego
    Special Prize of the Jury

    The Road to San Diego

  29. Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Sleeping Dogs Lie

  30. The Dog Pound

    The Dog Pound

  31. My Son
  32. Lonely Hearts

    Lonely Hearts

  33. The Twelve Labours
    Horizons Award

    The Twelve Labours

  34. Fiesta Patria
    TVE Award

    Fiesta Patria

  35. Singapore Dreaming
    Best New Screenwriter

    Singapore Dreaming

  36. Beyond the Mirror

    Beyond the Mirror