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São Paulo International Film Festival

  1. The End of Poverty?

    The End of Poverty?

  2. Adoration


  3. Appaloosa


  4. Anger


  5. Born in 68

    Born in 68

  6. The Dead Girl's Feast

    The Dead Girl's Feast

  7. Prince of Broadway

    Prince of Broadway

  8. The Herb of the Rat

    The Herb of the Rat

  9. Pray the Devil Back to Hell

    Pray the Devil Back to Hell

  10. Empty Nest

    Empty Nest

  11. Jodhaa Akbar
    Best Foreign Feature Film (Audience Award)

    Jodhaa Akbar

  12. Noise


  13. Soi Cowboy

    Soi Cowboy

  14. Just Anybody

    Just Anybody

  15. Two Lines

    Two Lines

  16. The Gift of Pachamama

    The Gift of Pachamama

  17. Private Lessons

    Private Lessons

  18. That's It
  19. Children of the Pyre
    Best Documentary (International Jury Award)

    Children of the Pyre

  20. Verônica
    Youth Award


  21. Go with Peace Jamil

    Go with Peace Jamil

  22. Tale 52

    Tale 52

  23. The Stranger in Me

    The Stranger in Me

  24. Nucingen House

    Nucingen House

  25. Machan


  26. Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love
    Best Foreign Documentary (Audience Award)

    Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love

  27. Danzak


  28. Ocean


  29. The Friend

    The Friend

  30. They Killed Sister Dorothy

    They Killed Sister Dorothy

  31. Life Sentence

    Life Sentence

  32. Masangeles


  33. Harrison Montgomery

    Harrison Montgomery

  34. Virgingate


  35. Dr. Alemán

    Dr. Alemán

  36. The Shaft

    The Shaft