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A Touch of Sin

天注定 | Tian zhu ding

Geregisseerd door Jia Zhangke
China, Japan, 2013


Het verhaal van vier mensen uit verschillende Chinese provincies wordt verweven. Dit drama volgt een mijnwerker die protesteert tegen corruptie, een migrant met een pistool, een fabriekswerker die altijd op zoek moet naar werk en een receptionist die is aangevallen.

Onze opvatting

Jia Zhangke, beroemd om zijn portretten van hedendaags China, maakt een omslag: hij combineert arthouse neo-realisme met bloederige kung-fu wraak, als een boze politieke brandbom. Het is zeer controversieel—de Chinese regering heeft het proberen te onderdrukken— maar won Best Screenplay in Cannes.

A Touch of Sin Geregisseerd door Jia Zhangke
It’s all bold, shocking, and brutal, a tonal departure from the director’s typically dry, minimalist work, although just as attuned to gradations of class as his much-praised earlier films.
May 12, 2018
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A more recent second viewing corrected my initial misimpression. In fact, the adoption by Zhao Tao of familiar wuxia poses after stabbing a sauna customer who’s been slapping her with a wad of bills for not prostituting herself is clearly designed to function as a Brechtian ‘baring of the device’ at the same time that it functions as an absurd fulfillment of the usual genre expectations. That is, it simultaneously invites our applause and makes us feel ashamed and/or embarrassed for applauding.
February 04, 2018
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Tarantino and his fawning critics aggrandise comic-book style and comic-book-style morality into an impoverished, hypocritical conception of ‘art’; Jia artfully uses moments of comic-book amplification to heighten real-world ills, real-world injustices and the sometimes explosive but finally impotent rage of people trapped within a real world made distorted and grotesque by the predations of the powerful.
May 17, 2014
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  • Pierre.F's rating of the film A Touch of Sin

    4 fils narratifs, de très beaux plans, et une manière de peindre la réalité de la Chine avec acuité. 4 individus qui se révoltent contre leurs conditions et qui n'échappent pas à la violence.

  • Murat Benbanaste's rating of the film A Touch of Sin

    incredible depiction of corruption in undemocratic countries like China, Russia and Turkey. shows how "things work". Besides its admirable direction, the thing that struck me the most is the realism depicted in murder scenes. usually characters say some last words or some overly-dramatic action take place, whereas here, he just pulls the trigger. no dramatization, no last lines, just doing what you came to do.

  • Spiritchaser's rating of the film A Touch of Sin

    A history of violence shaped by popular culture. Jia carefully contrasts the past with the future, the traditional with the modern, only to find that the nature of revenge has always been the same. Cultural wuxia heroes share the same stage as the petty thieves of 21st century China. His greatest film since Platform.

  • Ghostman's rating of the film A Touch of Sin

    One of the most anti-capitalist of modern films, Zhang-ke (1st I've seen by him) is a bold filmmaker & to do what he did within China's censorship laws is incredible. It's interesting to think of this as one of those stupid 'hyperlink' movies that were so popular at the turn of the century. Unlike those ones, this is tied together by an over-arching theme (the failures of capitalism) & doesn't pontificate on nothing.

  • Nadin's rating of the film A Touch of Sin

    Nope, this is not a good film. It rarely happens, but I actually turned it off, because it wasn't convincing at all. Bad actors, unconvincing acting and surprisingly terrible for Jia. Too much mainstream perhaps.

  • Bilouaustria's rating of the film A Touch of Sin

    And that´s how we all died of capitalism. A bit too mechanical though (in the writing i guess). China, as horrible as it is, has some beautiful locations, where everyday life looks like a splendid apocalypse. After the shootings, the mafia, the prostitution, the corruption, the suicide and so on, you get the idea. Welcome in hell.

  • mpho3's rating of the film A Touch of Sin

    "As a state of the nation document, ATOS paints a poisonous picture of people pushed beyond the boundaries of civilised behaviour by the sickness of the circumstances in which they live. This is a world of corruption, violence and despair depicted in a manner that not only flirts with, but positively embraces, the cathartic pleasures of exploitation cinema." - Mark Kermode, Observer Magazine (The Guardian)

  • João Eça's rating of the film A Touch of Sin

    Certainly one of the most important films I have watched from this millennium. Alienation, poverty, misery, corruption, all flows to an inevitable explosion of violence, reflecting the enormous social gaps of China. A complex expression of Marxism in cinema, "A Touch of Sin" is one of the most despairing films, reminding one of such subversive directors such as Fassbinder or John Carpenter. Everyone should watch it.

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