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Exit Elena

Geregisseerd door Nathan Silver
Verenigde Staten, 2012


Een klein juweeltje: dit no-budget, docu-stijl drama creëert een onverklaarbare spanning rond de heldin, een kersverse thuisverpleegster. Echter, haar relatie met de familie waar ze verblijft overschrijdt de grens van professionaliteit…

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Exit Elena Geregisseerd door Nathan Silver
Invisibly hovering over every scene is the differential power relation between her and everyone else in the family, young or old. For fear of being fired, she finds herself acceding to escalating daily demands coming from every direction. There is a precise, comic absurdism at work here that is worthy of Buñuel.
April 08, 2016
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While undeniably funny, Silver exploits a vérité style aesthetic, which gives the film an uncanny sense of realism. (Rather than cutting to close-ups of Elena, Silver often zooms in on her face, emphasizing an observational feel and further grounding the scenes in her perspective.) Thus, as each chapter (Limits, A New Family, Sudden Decision) of the film unfolds, the story’s banal absurdity begins to take on a surreal—even threatening—tone.
June 28, 2014
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Using mostly amateur performers and improvised dialogue, Mr. Silver has created a profoundly awkward riff on dysfunction that’s uneventful but not unrewarding. The vérité style (emphasized by the almost square 4:3 aspect ratio) and lengthy close-ups — not to mention Mr. Silver’s alarming turn as Cindy and Jim’s neurotic prodigal son — may try the patience, but it’s the small moments that win you over.
July 11, 2013
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