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In the Mood for Love

Fa yeung nin wa | 花樣年華

Geregisseerd door Wong Kar-wai
Hongkong SAR van China, 2000
Romantiek, Drama


Hong Kong, de vroege jaren ’60. Twee buren, Meneer Chow en mevrouw Chan, raken met elkaar verbonden omdat ze vermoeden dat hun echtgenoten een affaire hebben met elkaar.

In the Mood for Love Geregisseerd door Wong Kar-wai
A film that ripples with textures and sensual energy as the camera becomes preoccupied with small gestures: the rattling of mahjong tiles, the way fabric bends, hands leaning on a tabletop. It is a film where absence is infused with beauty, poetry and romance.
October 30, 2018
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The film is pregnant with the overwhelming feeling of infatuation, executed in a lusciousness that recalls something from a dream. But for every restraint there is a counterpoint in excess: Maggie Cheung’s many gorgeous dresses are as flamboyant as they are confining; the musical score is both pitch-perfect and overwhelming, familiar and foreign; the cinematography is so rich and meticulous that its multitude of color is evocative of Douglas Sirk’s melodramas.
February 15, 2013
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What seems conspicuously “indistinct” about In the Mood for Love—the pervasive sense of simplicity that governs the drama, from the convenience of its setup to the vagueness of what proceeds from it—becomes, in retrospect, a sophisticated expression of the fundamentally abstract quality of memory and reflection, not so much a paean to past love as to past love remembered in the present.
November 05, 2012
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