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Jules and Jim

Jules et Jim

Geregisseerd door François Truffaut
Frankrijk, 1962
Drama, Romantiek


Gebaseerd op de roman van Henri-Pierre Roché. Deze klassieker uit de Franse nouvelle vague gaat over een driehoeksverhouding tussen twee vrienden, een Fransman en een Duitser, en een aantrekkelijke vrouw. Ze is al vijfentwintig jaar lang het onderwerp van hun gezamenlijke obsessie.

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Jules and Jim Geregisseerd door François Truffaut
To a college-aged cinephile, Jules And Jim plays like a romantic triangle tinged with levity and gravity—its tempo fast, as in comedy, its shadows long, as in drama. On second sight, more mature moviegoers might view it as a case study in romantic triangulation, with Catherine pitting the clinging Jules against the independent Jim, whom she takes as a lover.
February 10, 2014
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While The 400 Blows was an earnest and refreshing portrayal of adolescence, in some ways, Truffaut’s 1962 feature, Jules and Jim, his third, feels even more youthful, in terms of stylistic daring and energetic exuberance. Though dealing with adults and serious adult situations, Jules and Jim exhibits a formal sense of unbridled glee, with brisk editing, amusing asides, and a sinuously mobile camera.
February 09, 2014
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Almost every scene is shot through with such casual stylistic brilliance. Yet what audiences have always loved about this movie isn’t simply its technical brio but its emotional warmth, its embrace of a world in which tragedy is forever playing hopscotch with farce. Jules and Jim is a movie that enters viewers’ lives like a lover—a masterpiece you can really get a crush on.
February 04, 2014
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