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Apocalypse Now
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Geregisseerd door Mick Jackson
Verenigd Koninkrijk, Australië, 1984
Drama, Science-fiction, Oorlog
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Apocalypse Now


A young couple in the British working-class city of Sheffield are preparing for their wedding while global tensions are rising. As their big day approaches, global nuclear warfare erupts—leaving millions dead. This shocking docudrama depicts the unraveling of society following mass devastation.

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Mick Jackson’s unforgettable docudrama closes our series of dystopian stories with a bang. Reaching millions of viewers during its original airing at the end of the Cold War, Threads presents the effects of nuclear warfare in stirring detail, terrifying audiences in fear of political escalation.

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BAFTA Awards

1985 | 4 overwinningen waaronder: Best Single Drama (Television)

1985 | 3 nominaties waaronder: Best Make Up (Television)


Threads vividly conjures the very worst anxieties of the Cold War.
August 21, 2018
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