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Shelter and Sanctuary: Close-Up on Jorge Thielen Armand’s "La Soledad"

A poetic non-fiction film explores a house in Caracas once belonging to the filmmaker's family, emphasizing the deep meaning of "home."

Welcome to Hell: Close-Up on Camilo Restrepo's "Impression of a War"

Restrepo’s searching and excellent essay film is both a document of and contribution to Colombia's ongoing struggle against oblivion.

The Forgotten: Howard Hawks' "Tiger Shark" (1932)

An early Hawksian study of friendship degenerates into manic melodrama, but "Tiger Shark" has some striking moments.

Review. Where Is This Getting Us? — Michael Winterbottom's "The Trip to Spain"

The third entry in the "Trip" franchise by Michael Winterbottom, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon is delectable and ludicrously overwrought.

"Twin Peaks," Episode 14 Recap: Tell Me The Story

Words have the power to transfix, but they can also be inadequate, diluting "the absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence."

Video Essay. Alfred Hitchcock Presents: A Trivial Pursuit

In Hitchcock's early films, what happens when the actor steps outside the camera's reach?

Locarno 2017. Awards and Coverage Roundup

A comprehensive listing of all of our coverage of the 2017 Locarno Festival, along with the award winners.

Favorite Moments from Locarno Festival 2017: Confronting Death, Raúl Ruiz Returns, Japan Diaries

Two movies by Jacques Tourneur and Jean-Claude Rousseau, Wang Bing's "Mrs. Fang", and a new-old film by Raúl Ruiz.

Not Reconciled: Close-Up on Eric Rohmer’s "The Romance of Astrea and Celadon"

The final film by director Eric Rohmer, adapting Honoré d’Urfé’s monolithic 5,000-page novel, demonstrates the sensual power of words.

Favorite Moments from Locarno Festival 2017: Schönberg, Seriously Silly, Love Stories

Straub-Huillet's "From Today Until Tomorrow" (1996), F.J Ossang's competitor "9 Doigts", and Tourneur's "Great Day in the Morning" (1956).

The Master of...Class Consciousness? Close-Up on 3 from Hitchcock

Early films by Alfred Hitchcock focus on socioeconomic disparities, steadily dissolving the ostensible allure of the upper class.

Favorite Moments from Locarno Festival 2017: Astrologic/Catastrophic, Wild Cowboys, Endless Partying

Turkish documentary "Meteors", Jacques Tourneur's 1955 western "Wichita", and Portuguese debut "Damned Summer".