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Once Upon A Time: Alessandro Comodin Discusses "Happy Times Will Come Soon"

An interview with the Italian director on his fascinating and phantasmal film.

Fassbinder’s Double Dialectic: The Genius Blocking and Gest of "Ali: Fear Eats the Soul"

How precisely Rainer Werner Fassbinder executes his vision for his socially-challenging intergenerational melodrama.

Welcome to Twin Peaks: A Place Both Wonderful and Strange

An exclusive excerpt from a new book on Angelo Badalamenti's soundtrack to "Twin Peaks."

Movie Poster of the Week: Park Chan-wook’s “The Handmaiden” and an Interview with Designer John Calvert

Behind the scenes of one of the best posters of 2016.

Chasing Kong

On Hollywood's trips to Skull Island, with Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Vietnam-inspired revival in theaters now.

What I Did Last Summer: Close-Up on Takeshi Kitano’s "Kikujiro"

Re-appraising the Japanese master's yakuza-and-child road trip film.

Rushes. Asian Film Awards, James Gray, Anatomy of a Gag, Agnès Varda

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

The Nature of Borowczyk’s Passion: Close-Up on "The Beast"

A wildly (a)rousing comedy of manners—or the lack thereof—filled with Buñuelian absurdity and eroticism.

Reappearing Fireflies: Bruce Baillie in Vienna

Ideas of life and community are transformed into sounds, colors & film by the American avant-garde filmmaker and his company Canyon Cinema.

Playthings Playing Things Straight: Close-Up on Anna Biller’s "Viva"

Few films today seem critical in the same way as Anna Biller's first feature, "Viva," a loving resurrection of the sexploitation picture.

Journal (6.6.16 - 1.10.17)

The latest installment in the filmmaker's series of journal-films—A diary penned with cinema.

"What Is An Iceberg?": Close-Up on Teresa Villaverde's "Trance"

How the Portuguese director opens her 2006 feature.