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Salomé Jashi Introduces Her Film "The Dazzling Light of Sunset"

"It struck me what was considered news for a small community while much bigger events were going on around the world."

F. Gary Gray's Furious Tendencies

Unlike many of his contemporaries, the movies of the music video director turned filmmaker are not studied as a complete body of work.

The Most Trapped: Discussing "Lady Macbeth" with William Oldroyd

British director William Oldroyd's debut film is an unequivocal heir to Shakespeare’s canonical work.

The Forgotten: Harry Piel's "What's Happening at the Beely Circus?" (1927)

Writer-director-daredevil-star Harry Piel hunts a killer in a circus in this German silent romp.

The Greek Waste Land: Close-Up on Theo Angelopoulos

With each film, the Greek master refined his examination of his country and the role of arts and the individual in times of turmoil.

Rushes. Jonathan Demme, Cannes Jury, Reactionary French Comedy, Academy Museum

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Depression Lessons #12

A case for character actor Sterling Holloway, who possessed the sexual allure of a vegetable grown in poor light.

Review: Arthouse Pratfalls—Bruno Dumont's "Slack Bay"

Bruno Dumont confirms the new direction of his filmmaking with this pratfall-filled coastal tale of crime and love set in the 1910s.

Catherine Breillat’s Metacinema

Too often described as a clinical provocateur, the French director's films are best understood as about herself and her filmmaking.

Milagros Mumenthaler Introduces Her Film "The Idea of a Lake"

Finding inspiration in the true story of a woman whose father disappeared during the civilian-military dictatorship in Argentina.

Dane Komljen Introduces His Film "All the Cities of the North"

"When looking at the photo now, I can't help feeling that you can already see the whole film in it."

"Inventing the Future": On André Bazin, Virgil Abloh, and Cinema’s Universal Acceleration

Is it possible to make a documentary about the future? Director Isiah Medina and producer Matthias Mushinski discuss a radical new project.