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Close-Up on "Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno"

Bromberg and Medrea's documentary on Clouzot's unfinished, penultimate film depicts a film that can only exist in the viewer's imagination.

Berlinale 2018. Dying Worlds and Kyrgyz Heroines

A report from the festival on Kazuhiro Soda’s "Inland Sea" and two strong debuts, "The Heiresses" and Aminatou Echard's "Jamila".

Berlinale 2018. Wes Anderson Animates Man's Best Friend

Wes Anderson pays tribute to man's best friend in a fantastical, funny and moving stop-motion animated adventure.

Berlinale 2018. Presidential Secrets and Lessons in Screenwriting

The Berlin Film Festival starts strong with Ruth Beckermann's incisive "The Waldheim Waltz" and Hong Sang-soo's spectral "Grass".

Movie Poster of the Week: Sir Alan Bates in Posters

Two decades of posters from the career of the “affable Angry Young Man.”

Review: Andrei Zvyagintsev's "Loveless": The Loneliness of a Treadmill Runner

Andrei Zvyagintsev's Cannes-awarded, Oscar-nominated drama offers little more than moral judgements and auteurist ambition.

Review: Something New From Something Old—Valeska Grisebach's "Western"

"Western" is a mutated genre film—re-set with modern Bulgaria as a new kind of frontier—and one of the finest in recent years.

The Forgotten: James Whale's Zip-up Straitjacket

A legal secretary falls for a student doctor in James Whale's little-known follow-up to "Frankenstein".

Rushes. Liv Ullmann at the BFI, "INLAND EMPIRE" & "Smiley Face", Hitchcock Posters

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Nicolas Cage: The Way of the Shaman

A freewheeling Hollywood maverick, Nicolas Cage seems to have been born a B-movie hero, a self-appointed priest of American mythology.

Contemporary Chinese Cinema: A Blander Tomorrow

Ding Sheng’s remake of John Woo’s 1986 classic encapsulates much that’s wrong with contemporary mainstream cinema, both in China & abroad.

Close-Up: If It's Coming of Age, It Must Be "Dazed and Confused"

While the present "obviously sucks," as long as there's a bittersweet past to look back at & a road of possibilities ahead, life is alright.