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The Promise of Recovery: Close-Up on Robert Aldrich’s "Autumn Leaves"

A rare melodrama from macho auteur Robert Aldrich, it tells an unapologetically optimistic romance between an older woman and younger man.

Sky Hopinka Introduces His Film "Dislocation Blues"

"Finding others that are just as alone as you are makes America that much easier to bear."

Seeing Clearly in the Dark: A Profile of Monte Hellman in Present Day Los Angeles

Catching up (and watching movies) with the cult director of "The Shooting" (1966), "Two-Lane Blacktop" (1971) and "Road to Nowhere" (2010).

The Archaeology of Film: Close-Up on Filipa César's "Spell Reel"

A diligent and painstaking recording of the processes of excavating, restoring and exploring the after-lives of the films of Guinea-Bissau.

Movie Poster of the Week: “Maigret Sets a Trap” and the Art of Nathan Gelgud

An interview with the creator of the auteur tote bag.

Northern Streams: Future//Present at VIFF 2017

The 2nd year of Vancouver's program of emerging Canadian filmmakers takes chances, offering higher highs and lower lows than in 2016.

The Speed of Passion: Close-Up on David Lean’s "Breaking the Sound Barrier"

A post-war endorsement of British ingenuity and determination, and an emotional, blazing depiction of sacrifice and scientific achievement.

The Forgotten: Raoul Servais' "Harpya" (1979)

In Raoul Servais' macabre animated Harpya. a bourgeois bachelor is persecuted by a malign bird-creature. Forever.

Rushes. byNWR, "She's Gotta Have It" Remake, Manny Farber, Amy Adams

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Jesse McLean Introduces Her Film "Wherever You Go, There We Are"

I am motivated by a deep curiosity regarding human behavior, relationships, & the ways emotions are lived in an age of mediated experience.

Directors in New York: Véréna Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor

A video interview with the Sensory Ethnography Lab founders about their new documentary on the notorious cannibal Issei Sagawa.

Down in the Flood: Close-Up on "Housekeeping"

Bill Forsyth finds the underlying poetic qualities in the prose of Marilynne Robinson in the 1987 adaptation of her novel.