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10 Years of Venice Film Critics Week

MUBI presents a special retrospective celebrating a decade of Venice International Film Critics Week, running now through October 8th.
Year of the Nail

MUBI and the Venice Film Festival bring you a new collaboration. Venice International Film Critics Week, now in its 27th edition, has long been an exciting and diverse independent section at the Venice Film Festival. MUBI is proud to present a special retrospective celebrating a decade of Critics Week, running now through October 8th.

Pictured above is one of the highlights, Year of the Nail, the debut film of Alfonso Cuarón's son, Jonás Cuarón. Little White Lies describes it:

As well as artfully poignantly depicting the difficult path from adolescence to adulthood, Year of the Nail also skilfully observes the experiences and sensations of being a foreigner...and the arbitrary boundaries that separate people.

Though clearly indebted in concept to Chris Marker’s 1962 film La Jetée, Year of the Nail should by no means be consigned to its shadow. Bolstered by the brilliant sound design of Martín Hernández, this is an equally bold and thrilling piece of filmmaking that redefines the possibilities of the medium.

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