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Cannes 2011. Cannes Questionnaires #3: Bruno Dumont

The third part of a video interview series from Cannes by myself and Ryland Walker Knight.
Cannes 2011

The third part of a video interview series from Cannes by myself and Ryland Walker Knight.  We sat down with Bruno Dumont, director of Hors Satan in Un Certain Regard, on Wednesday, May 17, 2011. For information on this film, see David Hudson's roundup.

Ryland is covering Cannes in English for the blog of German film magazine Cargo, as well as his own blog. Thanks to Sionnan O'Neill for translation.

thank you.
Seems like just another interview for just another blog. Dumont is one of my favorite filmmakers, and I hoped for more challenging questions. Perhaps more than “questions”, an actual conversation would have been nice.
Thanks for watching, guys! Prof: since 99% of the world hasn’t seen the films in Cannes, the ideas behind these videos was to ask spoiler-free general questions that hopefully reveal some methodology as well as expressing some of the character of the director. Additionally, being a video interview, an intrinsically boring format, we wanted to keep things short. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we really disliked this film.
I certainly didn’t mean that the interview should reveal major plot points about the film. That doesn’t really interest me. I understand the limitations of the format you’re working in; what I don’t understand is why you permit yourself to work in such “an intrinsically boring format”? (the nonsensical cutaways seem to indicate some knowledge of this problem) Were you given a set time in which to interview Dumont? I supposed that as critics of a major international film blog you would have had been permitted more time, more leniency than other journalists. I guess my last question is why ruin this interview by having it in the first place, since you clearly have no affinity for the film? You seemed to suggest that it might have had some impact on your creative decisions.
As basic as it gets: Dumont’s a renowned film artist who has, earlier in his career, made films that we respect. Plus: we thought it would be interesting, and it was to us.
Hmmm. I thought the questions were excellent. “Cinema doesn’t have to be civilized.” Love it. Daniel and Ryland, thanks for these video interviews. I hope you’ve got a few more left to share with us. I’m with you both on Dumont. I loved “Life of Jesus,” but each succeeding film has moved me less and less. Still, I find his work of interest and will see “Outside Satan” if given the opportunity.
Fantastic stuff! Thank you very much for this. I found it to be an extremely interesting interview. Thus far, this is the only English-speaking Dumont Cannes 2011 interview I have found. He seems to have been totally ignored by the UK press.
Dumont is something else. He creates such willfully intransigent work. Good interview. Thanks, gents.

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