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Cannes 2011. Snapshots: Catalin Mitulescu's "Loverboy"

News from the Romanian New Wave!
News from the Romanian New Wave—The "loverboy" runs a garage in a small seaside town but he is mainly involved in sex trafficking. His speciality is seduction, making girls fall for him before he delivers them to the traffickers. But one day, he falls for the girl he trapped. She's even willing to do anything for him. As in a moral fable: the hunter becomes the hunted. The canvas looks simple, even predictable, but Mitulescu has grace: a grace in casting and actors' direction, a grace in undermining banal moments with anxiety and bitterness, a grace in avoiding all the traps of naturalism yet always keeping close to the harsh reality of the society he lives in. And an affection for his characters that should greatly please all those who feel tired with the facile cruelty of...well, we'll name no names.

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