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Covering the “The Responsibility of Film Criticism.”

With his dedication and fastidious coverage, Kevin Lee has rendered redundant most coverage on NYU's conference entitled "The Responsibility of Film Criticism." I urgently recommend anyone who cares about cinema, and most particularly interested in reading on or writing about cinema, to look over Kevin's extensive near-transcriptions of Jonathan Rosenbaum and Adrian Martin's talks, Adrian Martin's reading of a paper by Nicole Brenez, presented with clips, and a report on the final round table conversation between Rosenbaum and Martin, moderated by Girish Shambu.
Although I unfortunately had to miss Jonathan's presentation, I nevertheless found the entire conference immensely inspiring. Its call to arms for different, exploratory, and adventurous, if not activist, forms of film criticism put into words the kind of ideals for film writing that have always driven me as a writer, though not necessarily actually changed my approach. I hope that after this conference, in the future, I may pursue these ideals more truly. Many thanks and much appreciation to organizers Paul Grant and Martin Johnson, and to all the friends, fellow writers, blogger colleagues, cinephiles, and students I had the pleasure to spend time with.
Kevin Lee's coverage can be found at this site, Shooting Down Pictures, and is as follows:

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