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Echoes #4

The horror of walking the streets of America in 1933 and 1988.
From William A. Wellman's Midnight Mary (1933), featuring Loretta Young:
From John Carpenter's They Live (1988), featuring Roddy Piper:
Part of our on-going series, Echoes.  (And aren't we about due for another sequence like this?)
Yay. :D
Yeah, this is pretty frickin’ awesome. Nice job.
Does Loretta Young have a way too long fight scene with Joan Crawford? Hope so!
Only in our cinephile imagination, Pierre!
Amazing I love seeing the influence. How did you come across this Daniel?
Thanks Angie! Well, I guess a good memory for details? I hadn’t seen the Carpenter in ages but that sequence has always stuck in my mind. I watched the Wellman recently, filling gaps the NYC retro missed, and the moment I saw that scene I remembered the Carpenter!
The “Midnight Mary” sequence is also pretty similar to the beginning of “The Hudsucker Proxy” where Tim Robbins keeps reading the “Previous Experience Necessary” signs.

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