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Echoes #5

Startlingly similar images, dialog, actors and sets in two classic Wellman westerns, "The Ox-Boy Incident" and "Yellow Sky".
Similar images, similar dialog, similar actors and similar sets! Part of our on-going series, Echoes. 
The opening of William A. Wellman's The Ox-Bow Incident (1943), screenplay by Lamar Trotti from Walter Van Tilburg Clark's novel; cinematography by Arthur C. Miller; art direction by James Basevi and Richard Day:
The second scene of William A. Wellman's Yellow Sky (1948), screenplay by Lamar Trotti from a story by W.R. Burnett; cinematography by Joe MacDonald; art direction by Albert Hogsett and Lyle Wheeler:
Thanks Otie! I’ve never seen such 1:1 scene stealing as this screenwriter-director combo on display here.

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