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Echoes #9

A man and a woman share a tender embrace, in two images nearly 80 years apart from films by F. W. Murnau and Anne-Marie Miéville.
An embrace, from the extant fragment of F. W. Murnau's Marizza, genannt die Schmuggler-Madonna (1922):
An embrace between Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville, from Miéville's After the Reconciliation (2000):
Thanks to Andy Rector for providing the former image, and to an unknown Facebook friend for posting the latter.
Part of our on-going series, Echoes. 
Lovely! When will we get to see Mieville’s films, I wonder?
Is the Mieville pic a production still or a screenshot? Is there a DVD of this out that no-one is talking about?
Jeez . . . this series seems awfully familiar.
Your series was and remains the inspiration, Tom!
Multiple levels of irony here, Danny — you’ve lifted a feature called “Similar Images” from a site with “dead copycats” in the title. Inspiration is nice, but if I were to run a series with the exact same concept and title as another active site, I’d acknowledge the debt with a link in every single post.
Hi Jurgen, I appreciate your comments and I understand the concern. The series title is a generic one inspired by Tom and other’s work at If Charlie Parker, but we’re trying to work a different tack than graphic matches and rhyming. I indeed should have mentioned the inspiration at the onset due to the naming pattern. We love the work done at If Charlie Parker and have linked to it many, many times in the past.
Danny, I know you and Dave are trying to do good honest serious work here, but I’m afraid the “different tack” you speak of eludes the untrained casual observer. Generic or not, you’re using the exact same title for posts in the exact same format, down to the numbering scheme. That’s not merely “inspiration,” that’s copying someone else’s template wholesale. Which, as a reader with no stakes in either site, wouldn’t strike me as a big deal if you simply & routinely acknowledged it. A line in the footer of your posts that says “for more Similar Images, check out If Charlie Parker” or somesuch would do the trick for me. It’d be courteous to an unpaid blogger who has been working this idea for years, and it’d be useful to your readers, who are obviously interested in just this kind of content.
No response. Disappointing. I noticed you deleted other, more strongly worded comments. I’ll suggest one last time that you either change the series title and/or regularly acknowledge where you got the idea. Best of luck.
Jurgen, I actually deleted my own comments. Yours are much more level-headed. Unfortunately, ethics aren’t part of the MUBI methodology. It’s clear to anyone that what Kasman so spinelessly refers to as “the naming pattern” is in fact what any high school student would recognize as plagiarism. Danny, if you have any scruples at all, you’ll stop dodging this, own up to your error in judgement, and make apologies both to Tom and to your readers.
Well, looks like we won’t be seeing this on-going series again anytime soon!
Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the delayed response, I was first awaiting word back from Tom, who I contacted privately, and then I was traveling to Toronto. I appreciate and understand everyone’s worries and concerns in this instance. What I thoughtlessly presumed as an homage clearly took the form of direct impingement, and I apologize for any feelings I hurt in the process, either from contributors at IF CHARLIE PARKER and from our readers. I spoke to Tom privately and came to an understanding, and in the meantime I’ve decided to change our project name to Echoes and in its first official post (which titled #2) have cited Tom’s work as an inspiration for the series.
Just for the record: I didn’t ask that anything be changed, Daniel. You could have gone on calling it ‘Similar Images’ and I would not have complained.
Yes, sorry for that ambiguity—Tom was kind enough to let us continue using the name; I however thought it best to choose something on the same wavelength but differently titled.
Well, did your clear “Echoes” with Pink Floyd? Just kidding, good move. Thanks.

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